Wire Wrapped Rings

I know this is a sewing blog, but I helped teach a Pinterest Course at a homeschool co-op this semester, and lots of students were interested in making wire wrapped rings as part of the course.

I loved all the DIY ring ideas on Pinterest, but do you know how frustrating it is to pin an adorable photo, and then when you click on that photo, it leads to NO WHERE?

Yeah. That happened to me every time I clicked on the pins I saved. So depressing!

Since these rings were such a hit with my students, I decided I would make a post with photos and a simple tutorial on how to make wire wrapped rings- one with a bead and one with a stone.

I recommend starting with the beaded one and then try the stone one. The bead ring is easier; this way you can practice a little. 

Supplies for both rings:

  • Scissors
  • Bead (These ones looked gorgeous!)
  • Stone (honestly anything works! Pebble, seaglass, etc.)
  • Beading wire
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Highlighter or a marker (this will be used for making the ring round, so try and find something thicker than your finger.)

Wire Wrapped Bead Ring

  1. Cut the wire to 15″ long.
  2. String the bead half way down the wire.
  3. Wrap the wire around the round object.
  4. Bring the tails of the wire back through the bead (if you can only string one wire through your bead, simply bring the wire underneath your bead.
  5. Take the ring off of the round object. Test and adjust the fit on your finger.
  6. Using the pliers, hold the ring and twist the remaining wire around the edges. You could trim off any excess, or twist all around and down the ring, etc. it would just depend on the look you are going for!

Wire Wrapped Stone Ring

  1. Cut wire to 15″ long.
  2. Wrap wire around the highlighter, as pictured.
  3. Take the tail end of the wire, and twist once around the top of the ring.
  4. Try on your finger and adjust fit as needed.
  5. Place your stone on top of your ring.
  6. Take the wire, and wrap the stone similarly to how you would wrap a ribbon on a present. Take the two ends. And wrap them across the stone.
  7. Bring the tail ends of the wire underneath the ring.
  8. Wrap them so that they come out from the bottom on the sides of the stone.
  9. Wrap over the top again.
  10. Bring the wire under the stone again, to the opposite side it is at, and wrap around the ring (using the pliers if desired).
  11. Wrap this at least 3-4 times to hold the stone down. Trim the wire if desired.
  12. Repeat on the other side with the other wire.

Yay! Have fun, and post your rings on Instagram! Use the #putapininit hashtag, and be sure to tag me (Sarahvdub). 🙂

Pinterest class with their rings

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