Gift Guide for Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Is it just me, or has this year been the most difficult holiday shopping season ever? I have 4 Christmases to attend, over 30 people to buy for and I have a whopping total of 3 gifts right now. I typically like to write about topics I am interested in, so I figured if I shared with you some gift shopping inspiration, it’ll give me some as well. I hope so anyway!

  • Gift Guide for Last Minute Shopping:


For the Wannabe Sewer:

Order all the basic sewing gear essentials, and maybe even throw in a brand new sewing machine to boot! If you are local, booking a class with me would wrap up (literally) this gift beautifully!

What to Buy:

  1. Soft Ruler
  2. Choose a sewing machine that works within your price range! This post will tell you how.
  3. This Seam Ripper (it’s the best kind out there!)
  4. Thread (polyester coated or 100% polyester is best)
  5. Scissors (You can’t go wrong with this brand! Amazon has it for a good price, but if this is still too expensive for your budget, any new scissors will do! )
  6. Pins (maybe even grab a pin magnet, too!)


For the Nostalgic T-Shirt Hoarder:

Calm down, with only 15 days left til Christmas I am not about to tell you to kill yourself sewing a quilt. Instead, purchase a rotary blade, mat and clear ruler, print out the instructions for sewing a t-shirt quilt (here) and wrap everything up with your loved one’s old t-shirts. If you live in Kentucky, sign them up for one of the 3 t-shirt quilt courses I am teaching instead of printing out instructions.

What to Buy:

  1. Fiskars Cutting Set



For the Friend Who Can Never Find the Keys:


Key fobs! Make one and give or collect some pretty ribbon, key fob hardware and wrap it all up for the crafty friend in your life! These make perfect stocking stuffers. Here’s the post on how to make them!

What to Buy:

  1. Key Fob Hardware 
  2. Ribbon


For That One Person You Have No Clue What to Get

Monogram a soft blanket! Seriously, though who wouldn’t want that?

Here’s a tutorial how to monogram and even make the whole blanket, if you’re feeling ambitious.

(My little brother made this last year for my other brother. Titus still uses it!)

What to Buy:

  1. Felt (DON’T buy the kind that has the sticky stuff on the underside of it. Tempting,  yes, but sewing through this is the worst.)
  2. Fusible webbing (This link has the webbing for 25 yards… which is awesome if you are me and use this stuff like water. You only need 1/2 yard of this, which is less than a dollar.
  3. Stencils
  4. Soft Blanket (I see these gorgeous blankets everywhere. Be careful with the really plush fabrics, as they can get tricky to sew by machine.)



For the One who Appreciates Hand-Made (a.k.a your mom)




Make a Wire Wrapped Ring for her!

What to Buy:

Beads (These looked pretty, but you could also use stones or seaglass too!)

Jewelry Wire



Hopefully this will help everyone get out of the “I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas” rut and start taking the holiday shopping seriously. I know I need all the help I can get.
I really thought I killed it last year when I got my brother a football helmet “hat”… they never came into style in 2016 like I thought.

Poor Tim.

We have another batch of golden retriever puppies this year. Which reminds me, I should have put them on the Holiday Gift Guide! Talk about the perfect present, am I right?!

(Disclaimer: My sister and I envisioned the sweetest photo with wrapped lights and holly and sleeping puppies. This pic alone took 96 tries, sweat and tears.)


It does give me a bit of comfort knowing that I received 3 Starbuck’s gift cards last year from friends who had no idea what to get me, either.


And they were the perfect present :-).
Do y’all have any holiday shopping ideas for me? Please comment them below. I would appreciate that so much 🙂 .
Sarah xx

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