Refashion Jeans

Spring cleaning is in full swing in my closet; I spent an entire weekend purging. I get that fashion repeats itself, but there is no way my style choices EVER should (I’m looking at you, neon pink blazer).  
I have denim capris which fit so well, but they were slightly flared at the ends. Yeah… so 2014 and so not flattering. I finally had time to make them skinnier, but during the refashion process, I loved the look of it’s raw denim hems! They worked so well for these jeans (and so 2017 🙂 ). 
If you want to refashion your jeans the way I did, follow along with these simple steps: 

Refashion Jeans 

Basic sewing supplies 


  1. Grab that seam ripper! You’ll need it to pick all those tough stitches at the hemline apart.
  2. Flip the jeans inside out, and iron the outer seamline as flat as you can. You’ll be sewing an angled line from knee to hem. This will make the jeans skinnier. Remember to sew the line on the outer seamline, not the inner. You don’t want to sew up any stitching that’s holding the seam allowance down. Usually this stitching is on the inner seamline, not the outer, but if it’s on both, grab that seamripper again. 
  3. Using a clear 6″ wide ruler, measure 17″ from the hem up and make a small mark at the top, near the outer seam. Next, make a mark from the hem measured 1″ in from the seam. Using the ruler, make a diagonal line connecting the two marks. The end of the line should blend into the old stitches. 
  4. Stitch directly on this line. Trim off the excess fabric, leaving around a 1/2″ seam. Finish the raw edge with a serger or zigzag stitching close to the edge of the fabric.  
  5. Finally, stitch a straight stitch using a 1/2″ seam allowance all around the pant’s hem. Repeat for the other leg and enjoy your refashioned jeans! 

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