Sewing Sticky Fabric

Hello everyone! So you have some sort of sticky fabric, but have no idea what it actually is (or what you are actually doing?!) You’ve come to the right place!

For the longest time, I thought oil cloth, vinyl and laminate were all the same plastic coated sticky fabric… (Whoops, that’s slightly embarrassing to admit considering the fact that I’m a sewing teacher! #facepalm)

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Drawstring Pouch

Yes, I’ve been MIA the past few weeks (ok, months). Just know all I can think about are new tutorials I want to post! Like this drawstring pouch!

I’ve been teaching some group courses on Saturdays, and unfortunately that is what happened to my extra blogging time. The good news? I had to make up some patterns for beginning sewers for my classes, and the results = a new post for y’all. This drawstring pouch is one of the patterns!

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Faux Fur + Fleece

Faux fur is all the rage this year. I love the way a soft neutral throw brings coziness and dimension to a room. (Boy, did that sentence sound refined or what?!)

Oh who am I kidding? I just like to make things. The fact that I save money in the process is a big bonus!

(Psst! Stores like Hancock Fabrics and JoAnn Fabrics are having huge fleece sales right now. I’m talking 50-75% off. Time to shop!)

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