Key fobs

It’s almost that time of year again!

Just kidding.
I promise I won’t be that person that SKIPS Thanksgiving and talks about Christmas before the turkey is even purchased. Why do people do that?

Like, why do people talk about politics on Facebook?

Here’s a tip: don’t even mention Trump or Hillary on social media unless you want conflict in your life. (Except Twitter. Somehow, it’s fine to state all opinions there with zero repercussions.)

Unfortunately I made the Facebook mistake already and my innocent status sparked fury in a random guy – who I don’t even know. He got into a fight with my boyfriend, his best friend and one of my sewing student’s moms. Whew. That was a status to remember!

Guess what I can talk about that everyone can agree on? How cute these key fobs are! You could be whipping these babies up in minutes.
(Psst! They also make great stocking stuffers… but I am not supposed to talk about that until we are stuffed with turkey stuffing. 🙂 )

  • 1″ wide ribbon for the bottom of the key fob

I purchased faux leather ribbon from Hobby Lobby for the bottom ribbon of my key fobs. It gives it a bit more durability.

  • 3/4″ – 1/2″ wide ribbon for the top of the key fob
  • Sewing machine OR hot glue gun
  • 1″ wide key fob and ring (here they are selling 50 for less than $20 which is a great price! I love Amazon. You could make all your gifts this year for that price! Otherwise, there are single ones there and at craft stores selling for barely 2$.)
  • Optional: Double Nylon Flat Nose Pliers. These are like regular pliers, except they allow you to pinch together metal things without scratching. I love mine! You could also just use fabric to cover the key fob hardware and press it with regular flat-nosed pliers.


1. Cut the bottom and top ribbons into 1″ x 12″ strips
2. Place the top ribbon on the bottom ribbon; sew or hot glue in place.
3. Fold the ribbon in half. Glue just the top edge together.
4. Press the key fob on the folded and glued ribbon. I like to use my hands to press the key fob together. You could use pliers, but make sure if they are not rubber protected pliers to keep fabric in between the pliers and metal key fobs. It will scratch otherwise! 

Ta da!

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