Gold Sequin Skirt

I walked into Ann Taylor and saw an adorable gold sequin skirt.

Then I saw the price tag. $130?!  You gotta be kidding me.

The unfortunate part of being a seamstress is that I feel guilty buying anything that I “could totally make”, but that day I was fortunate to have my handy dandy sewing skills. I could instantly tell that this simple skirt was NOT worth $130! (Sorry Ann).

Oh and who am I kidding? It’s always fortunate to have sewing skills! (Pssst! I can teach you how to sew if you want to learn. Click on my “Lessons” link on the menu bar for more information.)

I actually made a skirt the week prior and it looked almost exactly like Ann Taylor’s overpriced version. YES.

I love when I can save money by making my own clothes. It doesn’t always happen (fabric prices are insane), but when it does it’s like the first bite of Adam’s Peanut Butter Reese’s cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. (If you haven’t tried that cheesecake, don’t start! Everything else in life will become mediocre. Also it’s 1,800 calories, aka the reason I work out.)

This skirt was a long time coming. I bought some beautiful sequin material in July at Haberman Fabrics: the best store ever. It was honestly just this random fabric store my sister and I stumbled upon in Michigan one day! (You should know that when I say “best store ever” I literally mean the BEST ever. I am planning a weekend trip back, that’s how good it was.)

Ok Sorry I now *have* to detour from gold skirts for a sec to show you photos of how adorable this store was. Everything had a label (I consider myself the queen of labeling. You’ll have to visit my sewing studio to get the full effect as to why. Labels are on everything. But this store put me to shame!)

I was obsessed with all the fabric, and the quotes are perfection.


Anyway. I got the stretch sequin material here for $40 a yard. It was so pretty and in my opinion worth the extra splurge, but I spied some material similar in Hobby Lobby for $9 a yard. Either way, both prices are a far cry better than $130.

I say this skirt was a long time coming because I have have wanted a gold skirt for 4 years now. Basically ever since joining Pinterest (seriously that site has ruined me). But I kept searching and all the gold sequin skirts in the stores were either circle skirts with tulle (not flattering for my body type), way too short or a weird colored gold.

Obviously I had to make my own (and then of course I find a gold skirt exactly the way I like AFTER I make one. At least I saved money. Didja hear that, Dave Ramsey?!)


Sorry I didn’t take step by step photos. I didn’t have time or the right lighting when I made the actual skirt. I sew, but I can’t draw so if you need help, comment below this post or shoot me an email. 🙂

Gold Sequin Skirt

Skill level: beginner to intermediate. Must be comfortable using a sewing machine. 



  • Basic Sewing Gear
  • Extra Ball Point or Stretch Machine needles in size 70 or 80
  • 1-2 yards of stretch gold sequin dress fabric
  • 1-2 yards knit dress lining (if needed [aka your sequin material is see-through])
  • 1″ Elastic
  • 1 drafted skirt pattern (Make your own here!)



  • When sewing with sequins, I found that baste stitching every seam before sewing over it again helped prevent machine needle breakage. 
  • Cut all pieces with the nap (direction of the sequins) going in the same direction. You don’t want your skirt’s backside to shine differently than your front side.
  • Have lots of sharp size 70 or 80 ballpoint or stretch needles available. They will break!
  • Allow double the amount of time you think it will take you to finish the skirt. Sequins are a slow and steady process.
  • Handstitching the hem was what I needed to do because sewing directly on the sequins was impossible for me! Try it for yourself on a scrap piece and finish off your skirt whichever way works best.



1. Fold your sequin material so that the grain line (less stretchy direction, running parallel with selvedge) is vertical. Cut two skirt pieces on the fold.

2. You should have two identical skirt pieces; one is the front and one is the back. Cut two lining pieces (if needed) using the skirt pieces as patterns. Baste or serge lining to wrong sides of skirts.

3. Pin the sides of the front and back skirts with right sides together.

4. Sew the sides using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

5. Fold the top edge’s right side down to the inside 1″.

6. Sew around the folded edge, using an edge stitch (very close to the edge of the folded top). Leave a 1-2″ opening.

7. Cut a piece of elastic the length + 1″ of your natural waistline. Pin a safety pin to the edge of the elastic; slide it through the hole in the folded top edge.

8. After the elastic is through the entire top edge, sew the elastic ends together in an “X”, overlapping the ends. Sew up the opened hole.

9. Hem the skirt by folding the bottom raw edge to inside 1/2″. Finger press and hand stitch to finish.

Yay! I think gold skirts look best with chambray button downs. What do you think?

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XO- Sarah

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