Faux Fur + Fleece

Faux fur is all the rage this year. I love the way a soft neutral throw brings coziness and dimension to a room. (Boy, did that sentence sound refined or what?!)

Oh who am I kidding? I just like to make things. The fact that I save money in the process is a big bonus!

(Psst! Stores like Hancock Fabrics and JoAnn Fabrics are having huge fleece sales right now. I’m talking 50-75% off. Time to shop!)

Let’s learn how to make a faux fur and fleece blanket, personalize it with an appliquéd name and not lose our heads in the process:

Faux Fur and Fleece Blanket

Skill level: Beginner- must know how to sew a straight stitch. 


*Please note: prewash and dry both fabrics on a regular setting before sewing. I know this is the LAST thing you’ll want to do when you just wanna start sewing- but it’s worth the time it takes. You don’t want your blanket shrinking and changing shape later down the road when it needs a washing!*


  • 1-2 yards of fleece
  • 1-2 yards of faux fur


The amount of yardage will depend on how large you’d like your blanket to be. I got 2 yards for my blanket, and it was definitely more “blanket” size rather than “throw” size.


  • Basic sewing gear




1. Lay the faux fur and fleece right sides together on a flat surface.

2. Pin well all around the blanket, leaving space along the edges.

3. Measure and cut both pieces to a slightly larger size you want your finished blanket to be- the blanket will get a tiny bit smaller when sewn! You should also know that faux fur gets EVERYWHERE.

4. Sew ONE side of the blanket (one of the longer sides if yours is rectangular).

5. Notice how the fleece part of my blanket stretched out? (Also, I serged my blanket’s side– if you have a server DEFINITELY use it instead of a machine, but otherwise a machine works well too).

6. Repin the stretched side; and now sew along that edge. This prevents puckering, tucks and bubbles. Otherwise known as a seamstress’s NIGHTMARE. Ah hem. Continue with the other two sides in the same manner: sewing one side. Adjusting and Repinning other side. Faux fur and fleece are really slippery, but I have found this trick to work well. Leave a small 10″ or so hole on the last side you sew.

7. Trim excess fabric around the blanket, clip the corners to ease tension. Don’t clip your stitches though! That would be bad. Flip the entire blanket through the hole you left. Pin the hole closed by folding the raw edges to the inside.

8. Stitch around the whole blanket using a 1/2″ seam allowance. This is a tempting step to skip- but it really gives the blanket have a finished look! Either way, definitely stitch across the opened hole.


Appliquéd Name




  • 1/3 yard (more or less depending on how long your name is!) contrasting fabric in felt or fleece
  • Stencils (mine are a 5″ alphabet that I got at Hobby Lobby, but I also spied some in Staples and Walmart. You may even want to go the cheaper route and print out a name on the computer, print and cut out those letters carefully to use as a pattern).
  • Marker
  • Medium to light weight fusible Pellon (MUST be fusible)



1. With the pen, trace the stencil letter on the rough, sticky part of the Pellon. Roughly cut around the letter.

2. With lots of steam, press the Pellon onto the contrasting felt; rough sticky side down.

3. Cut around the letter.

4. Trim it up, if desired, to look nice and neat.

5. Repeat with all the letters needed for your name; pin onto blanket.

6. Make sure each letter is spaced evenly.

7. Sew along the edge of each letter- being careful and taking your time. It will take a bit longer to sew this than you think because of the largeness of the blanket. It gets a bit awkward trying to turn around the letters! But take your time, you’ll get there.

And the results are lovely!

I want to see a photo of your finished blanket! Tag me on Instagram with the hashtag #fauxfurandfleece for a chance to win a surprise prize.

Merry Christmas!

XO- Sarah

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