Embossed Leather & Flannel Coasters 

Today, I want to teach y’all how to sew these simple coasters.

Being newly engaged finds me dreaming of house decor, and lately my pinterest has been full of rustic, log cabin looks… along with the rest of the world.
(I like to think I don’t follow trends, but my love for top buns, buffalo check and brunch says otherwise.)

Although I never have seen the point of coasters (what is the purpose of a coffee table if it can’t be worn a bit from a cup ring?), I’d put my mug on these ones. 🙂

They are also simple and a perfect gift idea. Wrap them up with a hot cocoa packet and big mug!

Flannel Coasters

Supplies (to make 4 coasters):

  • Eight 6″ x 6″ flannel fabric squares
  • Four 6″ x 6″ felt squares
  • Scrap leather
  • Metal stamps These 1/8″ uppercase ones look nice and Amazon has them for a good price! 1/4″ ones work, too, just depends on what size letters you are going for. Typically metal stamps range from $20-60. I think they are worth the investment, but if you don’t, skip it and make the flannel coasters ál la carte.
  • Metal rivets These ones are great. It comes with various sizes and in both gold and silver. They sell these at Hobby Lobby too, but whichever kinds of rivets you end up getting (there are a decent number on the market), be sure the pack includes a rivet setter.


  • Hammer
  • Leather or eyelet hole punch this kind is my favorite. The others that have those springs to use as a faux hammer do not work. Don’t be fooled. 
  • Rubber mat
  • Sewing machine or hand needles and thread


1. Pin two of the flannel pieces right sides together. Place the felt on top of one of the wrong sides of the flannel piece.

The layers should look something like this:

2. Stitch all around the square using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Leave around a 3″ opening for turning.

3. Trim around the excess seam allowance, except for the area by the opening.

4. Using a wooden pole (chopsticks work!) for pushing out the corners, flip the coaster to the right side.

5. Press the raw edges from the opening to the inside.

6. Topstitch (straightstitch on top)  1-2 rows of stitching all around the coaster.

Embossed Leather Label:

1. Using the scrap leather, metal alphabets, and hammer: find all of the letters for the name you are using, and test out the spacing and “hammering strength” you’ll need for your labels.

I hammered each 2 times using medium strength and they came out decently. Make sure you are using a hard surface (I used a rubber mat on the floor) and try out hammering with a rubber mallet. I’ve found this to work well on some leather!

2. After you’ve practiced and feel good about your embossing skills, carefully hammer the names on each label.

Cut the labels carefully around the punched name to be around 3/4-1/2″ wide by however long you’d like- but be sure to leave at least 1/2″ extra  length on the edges.

3. Position the leather label on the bottom of one of your coasters.

4. Using the hole punch and a good rubber mat to protect your surface, hammer-punch (wow, that word sounds intense for a sewing blog!) 2 holes: all the way through the leather label and coaster and positioned left and right of the label.

5. Place a metal rivet inside the hole. You’ll want the rivet long enough to be able to see the bottom of it poking out of the coaster, but not too long where it’s poking out over 1/8″. 

6. Cap the bottom of the rivet. Place the top of the rivet (so where the leather label is) on top of the slightly scooped part of the rivet tool. You’ll be hammering on the back side of the coaster. 

Carefully hammer directly on the center of the rivet’s cap until it’s flattened. It takes only like 2-3 hammers. Any more and the rivet will look deformed! So go slow and steady and stop when it looks perfect. 

7. Repeat for the other side (and the rest of your coasters!) and it’s finished! Pour yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy your hard work.

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