Drab to Fab: Knit Style

 This is another version of the Basic Style crop top dress. Follow this post if you have a knit top!


knit before and after final oneThe Knit Style Dress barely uses any seam allowance, so the top is taken in a bit more than the original before sewing it onto the skirt.

Side note: it felt so good to cut apart that flowery knit top.  It was incredibly unattractive on me… Who puts elastic waist bands at the bottom of an unfitted top? Talk about the perfect illusion of a muffin top… (ok maybe not an illusion, haha!). The dress turned out really flatteringly, though; I have worn this one twice already and I made it 3 days ago (no worries; I am washing it now. Which reminds me: don’t forget to prewash all of your tops and fabric before sewing anything!). What is it about taking something ugly and making it beautiful? It’s wonderfully satisfying.


Drab to Fab: Knit style

Skill Level: Must know how to sew using a sewing machine at a beginner/intermediate level.


Knit top (prewashed)

2 yards of knit fabric (prewashed to eliminate any finished garment shrinkage)

1 straight skirt that fits well or a drafted pattern for a skirt


Basic sewing gear

Serger (optional)


Prepare the Top:

Follow the directions on “Prepare your Top” here. But make sure that you change these few things:

Steps 3-4: Do not add the extra 5″ to the waist total size. Only add 1″ or less.

Steps 5-6: Be sure to sew your knit fabric with a ball point, jersey or stretch machine needle. This will make sure you don’t have skipped stitches (Random long stitches from the bobbin thread not latching on) or puckering in your fabric.


Skirt for the Knit Style:

Use either a drafted pattern (click the link to learn how to do this yourself!) or a straight skirt you already own as a pattern.

1. If you are using your own knit skirt, fold it in half width wise, and place the fold of the skirt on the fold of the fabric. Make sure the grain line is running vertically down the skirt.

2. Cut out fabric using the skirt or your draft as a pattern, leaving little to no seam allowance. Repeat.

3. Place the two cut out pieces right sides together.

4. Pin sides together; sew up the sides using 1/2″ seam allowance. Finish the edges using a serger, pinking shears or zig zag stitch.

Sew the top to the skirt following the directions under the Basic Style post, however, instead of matching the center top to the center of the skirt, you will be matching the side seams of the skirt to the side seams of the top.

Hem following the directions in the Basic Style post. You did it!

I want to see your finished dress! Follow me on instagram and post a pic of yourself with your dress. Use the hashtag: #croptopdress. You might win a free month of sewing lessons. 

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