Buffalo Check Quilt

I have been obsessed with buffalo check lately and I think Pinterest knows. I was scrolling through pins one day and this photo of a gorgeous buffalo check quilt by Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio was displayed.

It looked like she had buffalo check fabric and just quilt stitched over it. When I clicked on the photo, though, I discovered that she had actually pieced three different colors together to make a quilt in the buffalo check design.
Yeah, that’s how perfect her color scheme was.
I was in love!


Her post is written beautifully and the pattern for the quilt is so easy to follow. I not-so-secretly despise math work, so the fact that she wrote the pattern with clear instructions on how to make the quilt larger or smaller was awwwwwesome.

I wanted my quilt to be made in soft flannels, however like Empty Bobbin states- the mix color of red and black is the most important one to get right. I was worried I couldn’t find the perfect flannel color for it. But I did!

Although it’s fun to go to a quilting store and pick your own colors, here’s what I bought in case you’d like a little direction:

  • For the black and red mix color, I ended up choosing a sort of twill look and I love how this choice worked with the black and red:

Henry Glass Hand Dyed Yarn Fabric

  • For the black, I wish I either went with a solid red to go with this one, or a dark black plaid to better compliment the red squares:

Marcus Fabric’s Primo solid black

  • For the red, again, I wish I went with either solid red to go with the solid black, or did both red and black squares in plaid:

Marcus Fabric’s Primo Plaid in Christmas III collection

  • For the back I copied Empty Bobbin’s idea and chose a beautiful gray! I thought it’d be too light at first, but I love the way this choice worked out in the end:

Marcus Fabric’s Primo Plaid in Blues collection

My brother recently got engaged, and this quilt was their first housewarming gift ever!

It’s such a make or break when I give homemade gifts to people. Typically, I’ll make something, hate it afterwards and don’t want to give it away. Thankfully, I love the way this quilt looks and I couldn’t wait to give it to my brother and his sweet fiancé.

Thanks again, Empty Bobbin for the amazing tutorial and pattern.
Happy 2017!

Sarah xx

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