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My name is Sarah VanWingerden, and I am the writer of Put a Pin in It. Most people know me as a sewing teacher. That title almost completely describes me so if this first sentence is all you have time to read, perfect.

If you came by my home on any given day, you would find me in my sewing and design studio working on a project or teaching a project or blogging about a project! I love everything about my job.

I learned to sew while living in New Zealand when I was 13 from a lady I called “Miss Pam”. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. She was always happy and patient. I hope one day my students will look back at the time I get to teach them, and will feel the same way about me as I feel now about Miss Pam.

In case you didn’t guess, I love to sew. (Don’t worry I have other hobbies, although sometimes it doesn’t feel that way!) I also love Bernese Mountain Dogs, running in crisp, autumn weather, skinny vanilla lattes (but with whipped cream!), the color lemon yellow, dry humor, getting everything on my “to do” list done, meeting new people, zippered pouches, the smell of salt water taffy, and anyone who has a passion for life.

I am one of 8 kids; 6 of which are brothers and 1 is my older and only sister. They are my best friends and I love being in a big family.

Most importantly: I am a born again Christian and I want my life to show it. I am in no way perfect, but I do believe as a Christian I am called to live a set apart life. A lot of the fashion tutorials I teach will give Christian girls a chance to make or alter their own clothes which will save them the heartache of shopping the immodest trends of nowadays. Have fun sewing, and don’t forget to post your creations on instagram (Tag me! #putapininit)

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