Embossed Leather & Flannel Coasters 

Today, I want to teach y’all how to sew these simple coasters.

Being newly engaged finds me dreaming of house decor, and lately my pinterest has been full of rustic, log cabin looks… along with the rest of the world.
(I like to think I don’t follow trends, but my love for top buns, buffalo check and brunch says otherwise.)

Although I never have seen the point of coasters (what is the purpose of a coffee table if it can’t be worn a bit from a cup ring?), I’d put my mug on these ones. 🙂 Continue reading Embossed Leather & Flannel Coasters 

Buffalo Check Quilt

I have been obsessed with buffalo check lately and I think Pinterest knows. I was scrolling through pins one day and this photo of a gorgeous buffalo check quilt by Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio was displayed.

It looked like she had buffalo check fabric and just quilt stitched over it. When I clicked on the photo, though, I discovered that she had actually pieced three different colors together to make a quilt in the buffalo check design.
Yeah, that’s how perfect her color scheme was.
I was in love!

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Gift Guide for Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Is it just me, or has this year been the most difficult holiday shopping season ever? I have 4 Christmases to attend, over 30 people to buy for and I have a whopping total of 3 gifts right now. I typically like to write about topics I am interested in, so I figured if I shared with you some gift shopping inspiration, it’ll give me some as well. I hope so anyway!

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Make an Ottoman 

Hello everybody!
Today, I am going to teach you how to make an ottoman. Let me start by saying that I am by no means an interior designer. My mom and sister toss around words like “baseline trim” and “French country appeal” as if I get what they are talking about. I don’t even watch Chip and Joanna (apparently, that’s unheard of for 25 year old woman).

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